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  The video clip on the right was obtained in the cardiac cath lab as the right coronary angiogram was recorded in the RAO projection. The movie clip demonstrate both a "video" representation (coronary angios, as they appear on playback in the cath lab) and the "cine" or cineangiographic equivalent as seen on the developed film. The two views correspond to the negative and positive prints of photography film. You can toggle back and forth between the two views by clicking on the respective button. You can also click a button to see a labeled freeze frame of the coronary angiogram.
  In the RAO view, the RCA begins close to the spine and then runs roughly parallel to it. The posterior descending and postero-lateral branches come off the RCA at nearly right angles.
   The photograph on the above left shows the x-ray tube, image intensifier/camera assembly in the RAO projection. The display shows that it is in the 30 degrees RAO angulation with no caudal or cranial tilt (0 degrees). The photograph on the top right shows the camera's view of the patient's torso and heart. The size of the latter has been exaggerated for purposes of illustration.
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