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   During the early part of their training, most physicians and technologists have some difficulty in extrapolating the three dimensions of the coronary artery tree by observing only a two-dimensional x-ray image. This problem is compounded when one is challenged by a third dimension that is constantly changed by varying angulation of the image intensifier and camera as it is moved along the RAO/LAO and cranial/caudal planes.

   However, the job becomes a little easier if one understands and envisions the third dimension of the coronary arteries as they move away or towards the camera. To facilitate this concept, we have developed the animation on the bottom left. Notice how a cartoon rendition of the left coronary artery is morphed into a picture of the heart and then blends into a still image of a coronary arteriogram.

  The graphic on the right (below) shows the position of the image intensifier and camera in the antero-posterior or AP projection. The animation on the left (below) shows a cartoon of the left coronary artery morphing into a left coronary angiogram in the AP view.

FOR AUDIO: Click the Speaker Icon to "unmute" Audio

  The video clip on the left was obtained in the cardiac cath lab as the left coronary angiogram was recorded in the AP projection. The movie clip demonstrate both a "video" representation (coronary angios, as they appear on playback in the cath lab) and the "cine" or cineangiographic equivalent as seen on the developed film. The two views correspond to the negative and positive prints of photography film.
You may click on the buttons to toggle between the video and cine views, and to also see labeled freeze frames.
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