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   The Right coronary artery (RCA) originates from the right coronary (RC) cusp and travels in the right atrioventricular (RAV) groove, between the right atrium and the right ventricle. In its very proximal portion, the conus and the sino-atrial (SA) node branch are given off.
   The right coronary artery then gives rise to the acute marginal branch that travels along the anterior portion of the right ventricle.

The RCA then continues to travel in the RAV groove. In 85% of cases, the RCA is a dominant vessel and supplies the posterior descending branch that travels in the PIV groove. The RCA then supplies one or more postero-lateral (PLA) branches.

  The dominant RCA system also supplies a branch to the right atrio-ventricular node just as it leaves the right AV groove and the PDA branch supplies septal perforators to the inferior portion of the septum

  In the remaining 15% of the general population, the Cx is "dominant" and supplies the branch that travels in the posterior interventricular (PIV) groove.

  The acute marginal (AM) branch of the serves as the boundary between the proximal and mid portion of the RCA. Thus, the portion of the artery prior to the origin of the AM is known as the proximal RCA, while the segment just beyond the AM is the mid RCA.
The segment halfway between the AM and the origin of the PDA is called the distal RCA

 Thus in summary, the RCA travels in the right atrio-ventricular (AIV) groove between the right atrium and right ventricle, as it wraps around to the bottom or inferior portion of the heart.
 The acute marginal coronary artery is given off in the proximal or early course of the artery.  While the distal portion of the RCA gives off the PDA branch to the posterior interventricular groove and then the PLA to the posterior portion of the heart. The PDA also supplies septal perforators to the inferior portion of the septum
 In 85% of cases, the Cx is non-dominant and the "dominant" RCA supplies the PDA branch. In the other 15% of cases, a dominant Cx supplies the PDA branch.
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