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  The educational concept and design was developed by Dr. Abdulla M. Abdulla who is a former Chief of Cardiology at the Medical College of Georgia. He is the Medical Editor, designer, developer and a major contributor of educational material for and A group of Faculty Members from the Medical College of Georgia and other Institutions will also contribute material.  He has published multiple scientific articles in text books and major medical journals. Dr. Abdulla has over 18 years of experience in computer-based learning and has innovatively used this technology for teaching medical students and patients since the early 1980's. He is the  recipient of a dozen Teacher of the Year awards from a Medical School and was the founding Medical Editor of Physicians & Computes until the Winter of 2000, when he resigned to devote more time to web-based Medical Education. He is also a former Teaching  Scholar of The American Heart Association and has lectured Internationally on computer-based medical education. Dr. Abdulla is also the developer of the award winning web site.

   The content material was designed to create a Virtual Medical School Campus that will provide  information to practicing physicians, house-officers, medical students, allied health personnel, representatives of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing companies, and those who have an interest in gaining medical information that is presented in a unique and effective manner.  It is being presented as a public  service. All contents are reviewed by other physicians to ensure accuracy. Our objective is to educate and NOT to advertise or promote specific medications, devices or procedures.

Developer and Medical Editor: Dr. Abdulla M. Abdulla
Graphic Design Consultatnt: Aaliya Abdulla

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